Our Lady of Perpetual Hops Draft List

5 Foot Somethin' 5.2% 28 IBU

Light and easy to drink. Light malt flavors and no bitterness.

Big Daddy Dunkel 6% 16 IBU

Looking for a massage on your tongue flavor explosion? You're in the right place. Big Daddy Dunkel is a dark beer with German malt and tastes of rich nutty flavors with a semi sweet finish.

98 Problems..... Chocolate Ain't One 6.7% 61 IBU

Stout brewed with copious amounts of 98% cocoa dark chocolate. Rich chocolate flavors with notes of roasted coffee.

Foggy Knobs NE IPA 7.1% 22 IBU

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Hops on my Knobs 6.8% 120.3 IBU

IPA brewed with a ridiculous amount of locally grown hops from Knob View Hops Farm. Fruity and floral West Coast Style IPA.

Popi's Pale Ale 6.2% 85 IBU

Light malty unfiltered pale ale with mild hop flavors.

Knockin' On Hefen's Door 4.5% 19 IBU

A beer that tastes good. This is obviously sample text, please don't take offense to the lack of a description. It is a hefeweizen.

Postponement Porter

More text to be inserted here. 

Duffel Bag of Hops 7.2% 25.5 IBU

Fruity IPA dry hopped with over 2 lbs of hops per barrel.