đŸ”¥Hot Wing ChallengeđŸ”¥

đŸ”¥Hot Wing ChallengeđŸ”¥

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Fight your way through 10 wings, starting with hot, and ending with insane! Wings are provided by Bert’s Quality Provisions. Sauces will include several sauces from locally sourced Zoom Sauces, as well as some favorites from the show Hot Ones.

Contestants will have 10 wings, ranging from 36,000 scoville units, up to 2,000,000 scoville units. They will start with the most mild sauce and work their way up to the hottest one by one.

1. Contestants will receive one wing at a time
2. Contestants must completely eat each wing
3. If a contestant takes a drink, they are out of the contest
4. No eating any other food during the contest
5. No puking
6. No leaving the table
7. Have fun
8. Whoever last the longest without taking a drink, wins the contest
9. The tie breaker will be a 4 wings challenge with a mystery hot sauce. Whoever finishes first will win.

Cost: $20 (includes entry to the contest, 10 wings, milk and water)

Winner: will receive a $20 gift card to OLPH along with a OLPH t-shirt or hat of their choice

Bert’s Quality Provisions will have plenty of other food for purchase and Zoom Sauces will be selling their great locally made hot sauce!